Treat the cause, not the symptoms 


Mihail Bezniuc 

My belief is that people should do the type of work that they enjoy and for which they have a real vocation; in this way, they will deliver to the best of their ability. 
This is how I started, moving from a career as an economist, trying various roles in administration, gardening and cooking in restaurants before finding my true passion – Massage Therapy! 
In 4 years, I accumulated over 4300 hours of practice in massage, having become Absolute Champion of Moldova (Beginners) 2nd International Championship in Cosmetology, Applicative Aesthetics’ and SPA Massage BEAUTYPROF 2014. 
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Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy is a full body treatment which supports our general health and wellbeing working on soft tissue and muscle to alleviate local pain. 
The main goal is to improve the blood circulation to problematic areas through releasing muscle and soft tissue congestion. After this your body can work to heal the damaged area. 
The combination of few techniques makes this massage more a treatment than a treat. 
This therapy can be applied to almost everyone and the pressure can be adjusted to client's needs and bearable level, is not suitable for fresh injury, acute inflammation (fracture, sprain, surgery). 
Please arrive 15 min ahead of your appointment to allow time to complete a client form. This will enable the therapist to create a bespoke treatment to meet your needs. 
If you have any X-rays, scans or medical notes related to the problem please bring them with you. 
After the form has been completed the therapist will discuss your answers with you and ask some additional questions, answer any questions you may have and explain how the treatment will progress. You will also be provided with aftercare advice. 
Mihail has trained in various massage techniques and holds the best qualifications which enables him to create the best bespoke massage to suits your needs resulting in a pleasant but effective and refreshing massage. 
All massage is undertaken with clients consent and you will be asked throughout your treatment if the applied pressure is ok. If you would like a lighter or firmer approach you are welcome to say this at any time. 
The client privacy is respected all the time, every unworked area will be covered with towels. 
First appointment 60 mins (inc assessment and massage) £40 
Second appointment depending on requirements of the individual 
45 mins £35 
30 mins £25 
Full body 90 mins £55 
*In some cases insurance companies will cover Sports Massage Treatments for which Mihail is qualified and registered with recognised federation membership 
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